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hCentive, Inc., based out of Reston, Virginia, is a software development company specializing in cloud-based products for health insurers and state health agencies. It was the first company to build a health insurance exchange solution from the ground-up post the Affordable Care Act (ACA).


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Sorry to hear about your bad experience with an employee here. I strongly encourage you to do something with the information you have regarding your poor experience so we can use it to make conditions better. You can either reach out to a member of the HR team or report your situation to our Anonymous Hotline. We value openness and any information you provide will not result in a negative impact for you."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I am sorry to hear about your negative experience with the leadership and work environment. Here at hCentive we have an open environment and we encourage you to approach either HR or our anonymous hotline with more information so we can work on resolving the issues you face. The negative behaviors you mentioned are not encouraged and there will be effort to resolve them. In addition, I will make sure this message gets communicated with the leadership team."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lack of transparency, they will work you to death, lack of strategy by upper management,"


"Hard working developers in same place since 3 years..same visa status...All benefits are reserved for GlobalLogic QAs and their relatives. They are given free India trip, promotion every year, L1 A, then Green card in 6 months.. ALL WITH COMPANY MONEY..as if they in hurry before the company closes down..like looting.They know they dont have the hardwork/talent to grow anywhere else thats why they just stick to the company and butter the top level. Dev managers are good but are not given poweful positions. But the QA top level is really unqualified n highly partial. They have single handedly broughtr BAD NAME to the company in the last 3 yrs. . CEO should be shown these reviews of his company ...all negative and toxic. Any positive review is a fake review.. just to balance. Please stop this obsession of GlobalLogic and its uncultured non english speakers.They will keep damaging company reputation. Everyone is noticing that we only hire indians. Dont forget that u are in America. Lets have a diverse group."

Current Employee - Business Analyst says

"Too much work, No ethics, No respect for team members, Too much politics at ground level, No processes."


"No structure, no direction from management, no eye for quality work."

Current Employee - Testing says

"Management expects you to perform all the roles of a DBA, application server management and a testing as your primary roles. There is no mentoring and any knowledge transfer concept, they expect you to be expert in everything and that is impossible, lot of work pressure. They are product based company and are running out of jobs because of lack of contracts."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"-Frustrated HR team -pathetic slackers in the overseas office -the VP's and directors are on their way out due to bad politics -Frustrated clients, company is losing $ at this point but keeping the clients on the website for publicity."

QA Lead (Current Employee) says

"There is nothing good in this company. If you like to work in process oriented company then this is not a place for you. Here is an example, you join this company, manager or your team lead will give you some initial training (only basic) if they feel it important of an hr or max 2 hrs. From the very first day you are expected to start work and timelines will be decided by your manager without any logic. And from the next day they will start shouting on you. Best of luck.There is no prosOnly cons. get more review from glassdoor."

Low paid worker bee (Former Employee) says

"Despite my qualifications, I was offered a very low salary. I decided to try it out because I had been out of the job market for a few years. In addition to doing all my normal duties, I was expected to watch "webinars" and such so it could count towards my "continuing education" credits on my job evaluation form. I have a Master's degree, was working on a second undergraduate degree in computer science at that time, and was more qualified that the person running the team. My manager was a self-proclaimed "workaholic." Sorry, that's the last thing I want to be. I'd prefer to spend my non-working time with my family and working on my second degree. There was a lot of busy work to go along with normal responsibilities. I'm not interested in working 60-70 hours a week for low pay."

Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I was there for three months before getting laid off when our project was cancelled. I was a dual-role entry level Business Analyst and Project Manager, but was later told they were looking for a senior project manager. In my time there I took care of things outside of the scope of my role, mainly because it wasn't so well defined as it is and because I took it upon myself to improve various processes.Free lunch, I liked my coworkersLack of structure and processes made my work there very difficult."

Business Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Im forced to do a lot of work that is boring and tedious. I don't get to get to be client facing anymoreFree lunch good friendly people500 Hra, HR is garbage. Underpays talented people"

Lead Software Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Nice place for work, but management lacks vision of rather changes vision frequently about the product. Its in a state of flux. The good people have mostly left the company.Free snacksCream has left the company"

Lead QA, Sr. QA (Current Employee) says

"A good company to learn. Learn a lot of after working here. You should be a hard worker to survive here. Work Life Balance is very low. Learned JIRA, Agile, Problem Solving Skills, JBOSS FUse"

Commercial Business Team (Current Employee) says

"Everyone who I work with is great! Coming to work is always fun, it is a work hard, play hard type of attitude. However, management needs to work on clearly communicating everything. You have to be used to be working in the fast-paced environment, and your long-term project will change from day today.Free lunches, and PTOPoor Management"

Sr. Java Developer (Former Employee) says

"company was good,nice to work with them and my manager and colleagues are very supportive and we completed project in a successfull way.noyes"